Argumentative essay writing

Opinions include: public section writing, columns and editorials. The review also includes the reviewer’s opinion. The match is a text that responds to a previously published text. All these are argumentative texts, that is, they usually contain the thesis (main claim), convincing argumentation (arguments) and rhetorical means.

The author of the opinion should take into account the target group and the Place of Publication. Generally, good text has the following features:

  • Interesting and read attractive title
  • A clear thesis
  • shortness (to make it easy to read)
  • clarity (in order to understand it one by one)
  • good reasoning (for the reader to convince)
  • Skillfully used rhetorical means.

Extensive columns also have different appearance elements: ingress, subtitles, draws, graphs and, for example, the author’s image.


  1. Select a topic that touches you and what you have to say.
  2. Remember the role of the author: Do you write as an individual or as a member of a student body, for example?
  3. Start by telling the reason why you write: what problem has come up and how? Also tell me you would already do in the first paragraph.
  4. Consider a suitable order of treatment: think about the causes of the problem, propose solutions, and reflect on the consequences.
  5. Strongly argue and use rhetorical means to support you.
    NOTE! It is especially important to bring out impressive examples!
  6. Enter a title for the text that tells you what you are doing.
  7. Check spelling. Errors eat the conviction of your text.
  8. Enter your own name. Many journals publish only nouns in exceptional cases.

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